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ToonCharacters took a big step and rebranded to GraphicMama.

All current cartoon characters can still be browsed at ToonCharacters but are available for purchase at GraphicMama.com


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25 Great Examples of Animal Mascots in Websites

25 great examples of animal mascots used in websites list that contains a selection of sites featuring cute and friendly looking creatures, that surely catch the eye of visitors and leave a lasting impression.   We decided to make a list of some of the best examples of animal mascots used in websites. Note some of these designs are not current, …

Animal Cartoon Characters Pack is Here

During this month, our attention was focused mostly on animal cartoon characters. We were so inspired and made a bunch of them – 27 sketches in total of all kinds of furry creatures.   Then came the hard part – we had to select 15 animals which will get vectorized into sets of 100 action poses. It was a hard choice, as each …