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ToonCharacters took a big step and rebranded to GraphicMama.

All current cartoon characters can still be browsed at ToonCharacters but are available for purchase at GraphicMama.com




5,886 Free Halloween Vectors

We are close again to that creepy time of the year, when vampires and zombies will own the night. Scroll down and discover the collection of 5,886 Free Halloween Vectors we prepared for you.   Enthusiasm for Halloween now rivals Christmas in popularity and whatever you put your efforts into to create – web-design and prints, brochures and e-cards – …

25 Great Examples of Animal Mascots in Websites

25 great examples of animal mascots used in websites list that contains a selection of sites featuring cute and friendly looking creatures, that surely catch the eye of visitors and leave a lasting impression.   We decided to make a list of some of the best examples of animal mascots used in websites. Note some of these designs are not current, …

30 Examples of Toon Characters in Website Design

As you have probably noticed, we are huge fans of websites with character illustrations. We know how important is to add some real personality and natural touch to your website. Using character for your web project not only improves it visually, but also eases the connection between you and your audience. This will help you to establish good relationship with …